Pronounced: St•ef•fen Ah•tuh•shya
Stephen Ateser, LEO + ENTJ based in Seattle. Enjoys a bowl of phó on rainy days and burning through loads of film on my Contax T2. Currently employed as a Designer on the Global Digital Products team at *SBUX.
*Although I haven't touched the old Starbucks web platform.
You can reach me on Twitter or via email.
Feel free to listen to my Soundcloud profile, and connect with me on Linkedin.
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WIP to elevate the Starbucks digital ecosystem, creating products that have the power to inform brand perception & influence customer expectations of IRL experiences.

Starbucks Digital

Systems + Interaction, 2017, Team portfolio.

Echo Chambers is an interactive sensory exhibition exploring how society interacts with digital media and in turn, how that shapes individual perception.

Echo Chambers

Exhibition, 2016, view case study.

Using design thinking to elevate the cannabis industry towards 21st century. Hypothetical brand - Elevated Edibles leverages an opportunity within a burgeoning new market.

Elevated Edibles

Product + Packaging, 2015, view case study.

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After work, catch me climbing at Seattle Bouldering Project on Ranier Ave, or biking around town (major shout out to Taylor Sizemore & Good Weather for the sweet bike build).

At home, I enjoy watching K-dramas with my lovely partner and geeking out on my PS4 to unwind.

Studied Design under Western Washington University's Design BFA program. Prior to graduation, participated in workshop seminars with companies like Instrument, Civilization, and Blink UX.

Still here? You're welcome to peep the Colophon.