Pronounced: St•ef•fen Ah•tuh•shya
Stephen Ateser, LEO + ENTJ based in Seattle. Designer who builds digital experiences.

🍜 Enjoys a bowl of phó on rainy days and burning through loads of film on a trusty Contax T2.

☕ Currently employed as a Designer on the Global Digital Products team at *Starbucks Corporation.

*Replacing this Starbucks website.
You can reach me on Twitter or via email.
Feel free to listen to my Soundcloud profile, and connect with me on Linkedin.
⋱ $ ⋰

🌐 The Starbucks PWA is an all new ordering experience just for the web - It requires no installation, ships daily, works offline, and uses less data than a regular native app.

Starbucks Web-App

Responsive + Product Design, 2017, HMU for info.

🌸 The Starbucks Japan App the first implementation of the global UI kit, introducing new patterns & behaviors in the world's third largest Starbucks market.

Starbucks Japan

International + iOS/Android app, 2017, HMU for info.

📚 In an effort to overhaul Starbucks digital experiences, we broke apart our app & completly rebuilt it with a user first approach. Resulting in the UDP Product Design Manual v1.0

Starbucks Global UI System

Systems + Interaction, 2016, HMU for info.

🗣️ Echo Chambers is an interactive sensory exhibition exploring how society interacts with digital media and in turn, how that shapes individual perception.

Echo Chambers

Exhibition, 2016, view case study.

🍫 Using design thinking to elevate the cannabis industry towards 21st century. Hypothetical brand - Elevated Edibles leverages an opportunity within a burgeoning new market.

Elevated Edibles

Product + Packaging, 2015, view case study.

● ~ +

Studied Design under Western Washington University's Design BFA program. Prior to graduation, participated in workshop seminars with companies like Instrument, Civilization, and Blink UX.

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

After work, catch me climbing at Seattle Bouldering Project on Ranier Ave, or biking around town (major shout out to Taylor Sizemore & Good Weather for the sweet bike build).

At home, I enjoy watching K-dramas with my lovely partner and geeking out on my PS4 to unwind.

Still here? You're welcome to peep the Colophon.