Using design thinking to elevate the cannabis industry towards 21st century in rational way. Creating an opportunity to establish brand presence in a burgeoning new market.
A budding industry.

Elevated Edibles are a line of organic marijuana infused chocolates, free of the eight most common food allergens. This hypothetical brand provides a service to people who want the benefits of cannabis without the risks of smoking. There is no better time than now to get a firm grip on the budding cannabis industry. No matter how the industry changes, Elevated Edibles positions itself as a player that uplifts the whole community.

High standards.

Marijuana products of the past recall some kind of sketchy underground grow operation marked with low standards. But the game is changing, and we need to be there to help uplift it into this new era.

One of the most common plagues of edible ventures is dosing inconsistency. By working with medical professionals and experts in extraction/production, we will be able to develop a tighter business model with fewer variables. Establishing ourselves within the market as a leader in cannabis testing/extraction will gain loyal followers within both the medical and recreational spaces. This investment is a good faith move that will garner the attention of key players in the community, and open doors at high end shops.

An archaic prohibition.

Elevated Edibles captures a niche in the growing marijuana market that could turn a very real profit. Investors are flocking to this industry as it is one of the fastest growing markets in the United States. This industry is slated to grow even more as sensible laws are adopted at the state and federal levels.

The beautiful product renderings featured on this project would not have been possible without the expert help of my good friend and collaborator Bobby Davis, shouts out to OG Bobby Davis.
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